Sihteeristön kannanotto CAP-uudistukseen


Maaseutupolitiikan neuvoston sihteeristö on ottanut kantaa CAP-uudistukseen. Kannanotto on englanniksi.

Opinion of the Finnish Rural Policy Council’s Secretariat concerning the public consultation of the EU Commission on the future of the common agricultural policy

Background On 2 February 2017 the Commission launched a public consultation on the future of the common agricultural policy (CAP). The consultation was conducted by a questionnaire accessible to all on the web. The questions were concerned with the needs of the future agricultural policy and the efficiency and performance of the current policy. The questionnaire could be accompanied by a document where the organisation presents its opinion.

Opinion The Secretariat of the Rural Policy Council of Finland (MANE) states the following with regard to the next programming period of the EU The common agricultural policy of the EU must be a policy that supports rural sustainability and efforts to take the best advantage of the opportunities of the rural areas to enhance wellbeing and sustainable growth. To achieve the objective:

  1. Economic activities in the rural areas are diversified and renewed. Employment is improved by boosting the competitiveness of enterprises, new entrepreneurship and forms of enterprise, and networking of enterprises.
  2. Rural viability and quality of life is enhanced by strengthening the LEADER actions that involve all rural actors and by developing villages and services and improving the access to services.
  3. The bioeconomy and circular economy are promoted. The conditions for economically, socially, culturally and ecologically sustainable and ethically acceptable agriculture must exist in all regions of the EU.
  4. The administrative burden of the implementation of the policy must be reduced at all levels.
  5. Rural proofing is conducted and taken into account in the preparation and implementation of EU policies, especially at the regional and local level.

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